About Iftarparty.com

Taking care of Your Iftar 🙂

Ramadan, the best of the months is here, and we really don’t want it to be all about food. Yes, we mean it.

Iftarparty.com wants to take care of your iftar and lets you take care of your prayers. It’s simple.

Even better, for the working professionals, students, singletons and mothers who just are not in a mood to cook, you don’t need a reason or an invite. Now just log on to iftarparty.com, tap tap tap….and done!

Just some good, healthy, hygienic and tasty iftar, delivered right where you are, right when you want it.

Without you having to fight for it.

Just the way you like it.

Do count us in your supplications 🙂


For business queries, email: meraj@iftarparty.com

Image credits: http://www.thekitchn.com/

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