Apple, Tomato and Truffle

Apple,Tomato and Truffle

This recipe is an amazing combination of Apple and Tomato. This recipe is easy-to-make and healthy at the same time.


You can prepare this recipe for your dinners and iftar parties. Try now!

Ingredients to make Apple, Tomato and Truffle:


Take a pan and put it on medium heat. Add extra virgin olive oil to it.

Put the green chilli and chopped basil to it and saute well.

Once all the flavor of the green chilli and basil is infused in oil add the tomato juice and cook well.

When the tomato juice is reduced to half of the original quantity then add the apple juice.

Cook for five more minutes. Adjust seasoning.

Garnish with the fresh chunks of apple and few drops of truffle oil. Serve hot.


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