Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Follow this easy recipe and become a pro in making Gulab Jamuns.

Treat your loved ones with this easy Gulab Jamun  recipe this Ramadan.

Ingredients to make Gulab Jamun:

1 handful lemon peel

50 gm paneer

30 gm all purpose flour

1 teaspoon powdered green cardamom

500 gm sugar

500 ml water

150 gm khoya

10 gm corn flour

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

2 cup canola oil/ rapeseed oil

  • Take a pan and mix sugar, lemon slice and water into it. Heat the mixture on a moderate flame and bring to boil. Remove any scum and reduce the consistency of the syrup to 3/4th.

    Keep aside half of the syrup and boil the remaining until it reaches 2-string consistency. Turn off the heat and keep the syrup.

    On a clean marble or wide paraat, mix chenna and khoya together well. Mash with base of your palm to ensure there are no grains or lumps.

    Mix in maida, cardamom powder, corn flour and baking powder.

    Make into tight round balls of approximately 30 grams each. Heat oil or ghee in a pan over moderate flame and gently slide gulab jamuns in it.

    Slowly increase the flame and cook until golden brown.

    Turn off the heat and drop the golden brown jamun balls gently into light sugar syrup. Keep it there for 10-12 minutes. Transfer the same into sugar syrup with 2-string consistency.

    Let it rest for half an hour. Before serving the Gulab Jamuns, gently heat with syrup.



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