Italian Pinwheels

Italian Pinwheels

Italian Pinwheels is super-delicious recipe.

try this amazingly tasty appetizer recipe for your loved ones. enjoy!

Ingredients to make Italian Pinwheels:

6 slices white bread

For Filling

For Seasoning

For Garnishing

For The Main Dish

  • To prepare this easy recipe, wash all the veggies well i.e., mushroom, red bell pepper, zucchini, and broccoli; and chop them in a medium bowl. On the other hand, boil the potato in a pan on medium flame. When the potato is boiled, grate it and keep aside.

    Next, cut the bread slices in round shape with a cutter or round sharp edges bowl. After cutting the bread slices, mix butter and garlic paste well till smooth.

    Now put a pan on medium flame and heat olive oil in it. Add the chopped vegetables in it and saute for 2 minutes. After sauteing, season the veggies with a little salt (as per your taste), black pepper powder and oregano.

    Now, brush the round sliced bread with butter-garlic paste on both the sides and toast it in oven at 150 degree Celsius till it turns a little brown in colour. This can be done on non-stick skillet also.

    Now, grate cheddar cheese in a bowl along with grated potato and blend well with a pinch of salt. Add the chopped parsley leaves to the mixture and fill in piping bag.

    Give a boundary to the toast with the potato-cheese piping bag.

    Keep the sauteed veggies mixture in between and garnish with basil. (Optional: You can also use the grated cheddar cheese for garnishing)

    Bake the bread loaded with cheese and veggies for a minute and serve hot. (Baking the pinwheel will make it crispier, though you can serve it as it is too.)

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